Horse rides and Pack trips

We offer Pack Trips in some of the most remote and beautiful country in the world! We can think of no better way to improve one's vacation plans to the Teton-Yellowstone area than a pack trip off the beaten path! Above the paved walkways crowded with people, noisy roads filled with passing vehicles, and mediocre views, you will witness vantages of unspeakable beauty. What better place to spend with your family then in the gorgeous outdoors. This area attracts all kinds of people. Most scenic spots in this area can only be accesses by foot. If your physical body is not up for carrying everything on your back, plan a pack trip to discover the beautiful country. And getting there is half the fun!


Although we do not have permits to guide our guest into the national parks yet, we do encourage you to take advantage of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and all they have to offer. These two parks are within minutes of our camp.


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