Alaska Fishing

Grassy Lake Outfitters LLC invites you to come and experience the adventure of a lifetime. Whether it is in the majestic Teton Mountains or the grandeur of Alaska.

Whether hunting for elk, deer, moose, sheep, and black bear, in the Wyoming wilderness or fishing for king salmon, silver salmon, grayling, and rainbow trout, the most avid outdoorsman is sure to be pleased.

We provide float trips down the beautiful Lake Creek where you will find remote, unpopulated Alaska fishing at its best. We can accommodate up to ten people per trip. Keeping the numbers down ensures a safe and memorable experience.

Alaska FishingWe begin our trip by floatplane from Anchorage to Chelatna Lake. Bring your camera and plenty of film. Mount McKinley is at our backdoor; the last untamed frontier is your playground. Lake Creek is known for clear beautiful water, and scenery second to none.

I personally have fished these waters for fifteen years and have yet to be disappointed. We experience great fishing trips because this is the best fishing in the world. Expert and beginner alike will enjoy fishing at it's best. We encourage your family and friends to come and enjoy a great time together. Without a doubt, our professional and experienced guides will show you the time of your life.

    Arial views of the beautiful, untouched Cook Inlet Area allows opportunities to observe moose, bear, eagles, and occasionally wolves.

    The boats used are the safest inflatable self-bailing rafts available.

  • CAMP
    Along Lake Creek there are a variety of beautiful campsites where every possible comfort will be provided for you.

    All meals are served family-style, all you can eat. Western style breakfast and supper, quick and tasty lunch with snack throughout the day.

    Fishing is world-class, whether it be with a casting or fly rod, using lures and flies.

Alaska Fishing
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